Aetna Provider Agreement

Note: A separate application must be filed for each doctor/provider in your group. If your commercial insurance coverage stays with Aetna, you will need to change your doctor from May 6, 2021 if you want to use your services on the network. UTMB remains a network provider for Aetna until then. If you have Medicare Advantage coverage with Aetna, this change does not affect you. After May 6, 2021, UTMB will offer 90 days as a network provider to continue ongoing care. During this three-month period, UTMB will work with Aetna to transfer your care to a new network provider. It is important to know that UTMB provides you with an additional 90 days to continue your care with us as a network provider if you are being treated by UTMB for a health problem or chronic illness. During this three-month period, UTMB will work with Aetna to transfer your care to one of the company`s network providers. At this point, we advise you to discuss with your employee benefits department other insurance options that would allow you to continue to use UTMB Health as a network provider for your health services. And rest assured that the UTMB will be happy to continue working as a doctor in the coming months before the end of the contract. Thank you very much.

If it is a type 1 NPI or a group of doctors/providers, you must complete a Type 1 application form. I am writing to inform you, our dear patient, that the UTMB will terminate its commercial contract with the Aetna network effective May 6, 2021. Our surveys show that you accessed your health services last year via the Aetna network. We would like you to have informed in advance the long period of the change illness so that you can plan for your future health needs. No no. The termination of the contract concerns only the commercial contract between UTMB and Aetna. Once you have a new doctor, ask UTMB for your medical records so we can send them to your new provider. You can call 409-772-9259 to request your medical records or to access our website. Questions about individual physicians/suppliers or groups of physicians/providers application process? Do you want to make a deal with us? Fill out this form if you are just a hospital, institution or help provider.

Individual physicians/providers (type 1) or groups of physicians/providers should complete an individual type 1 application of NPI. After the conclusion and when the registration information is valid, we will receive your application from the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) ProView to start the registration process. Be sure to set Aetna as an authorized health plan so we can access your app. Make sure your CAQH ProView or Medversant/ProviderSource™ apps are complete to avoid delays in the login process. The growth of UTMB in Angleton, Clear Lake and League City has been undertaken to increase access to our care. The termination of Aetna`s contract is intended to ensure that our services are reimbursed at a competitive price, regardless of where care is provided. First, you can apply for your participation in the Aetna network by filling out our online application form for participation. UTMB is taking this step because Aetna is not prepared to pay UTMB a fair and competitive rate covering the costs of our health services.