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However, with the express agreement of the nanny, this limit can be increased to an average of 48 hours per week for 12 months or more. This provision must be included in the Assmat contract. Your application for admission is assessed on the basis of different criteria: accommodation, competence, knowledge of the assmat profession, etc. The reform of the basic training of the Assmats and the new conditions for renewal of admission have raised hundreds of questions from you. Here are our answers. The General Council`s information meeting on assmat`s business is a great opportunity to ask your questions: here are a few that should not be forgotten. Is there a minimum age for admission as a nanny? What are the arguments when you are very young, you don`t have children and you want to become an assmate? Our tips and tricks. They want to be a nanny and have pets at home. Or do you want to adopt it? What are the obligations? What precautions? The babysitter is the most common way to care for her children.

The figures speak for themselves, but there are many misconceptions: to apply for admission as a childminder, your accommodation must meet a number of criteria: the extent, the condition of the place of reception, the organization of the space, but also the environment around your accommodation will be criteria that the PMI examines when considering your application for accreditation. Note, however, that legislation may change over time. For example, since the Social Security Financing Act 2009, a babysitter can accommodate up to 4 children at the same time if she has full authorization (3 previously). Children under three years of age that the nanny herself could have are counted on the number of places allowed. There are many differences between a nanny and a nanny at home. If you`re not sure you know them, we`ll explain it in this article. Look at it to decide which type of care is best for you! Personal, ethical, educational, safety and environmental issues: prepare yourself with examples of the issues raised. What is it? Can it deviate from it? Detailed view Unlike a babysitter or nanny at home, the registered nursery assistant welcomes your children at home, in her home or in her apartment or in a MAM (Maternal Assistant House).