Burnley Council Tenancy Agreement

The contract is a contract between us and you and defines your rights and obligations as a customer. Some new clients (with the exception of seniors) may have a start-up lease when they come to us. It is a one-year trial period. Your lease will be verified after eight months and if everything went smoothly, your lease will be converted into a secure lease. Your neighbourhood officer will confirm this in writing after a home visit. Our team of neighbourhood managers works with you in your neighbourhoods and provides our services where you live. You are your first point of contact with us for advice on everything that has to do with your lease or your neighborhood. You need to make sure that you receive excellent service from us and that we respond quickly and effectively to your concerns. After reviewing the property and making the decision to apply for a rental, you must provide personal data ranging from name and address to the profession and salary. You are obliged to provide financial, employer references to confirm salary and confirmation that this is a salaried position. The renter/broker references confirm that the rent was paid on time and there is no residue that the property was maintained satisfactorily and there was no antisocial behaviour.

We can only accept a lease if these arbitrators respond satisfactorily. Our investigations also include a search of credit records to determine your financial credibility and to verify if you have district court judgments, bankruptcy orders or IVA. This is not a potential doubt about your character and financial situation, but is intended to determine that an applicant is appropriate and satisfactory in all respects. Their salary must be at least 2.5 x annual rent. All other eligible payments that are not included above for violations or under applicable legislation, including contractual damages. These may be reasonable costs or losses resulting from the loss of keys, security features and changes to the lease or early termination if the lessor agrees that they can be carried out within the permitted limits. If you think you can handle all this, our rental service could help us. Contact us on 01282 686300 for more information. You must sign a lease before moving in. This is an important legal document, and you should always have your copy at your fingertips – you might need it to support all the benefits you need. A tenancy agreement is a written agreement that defines the rights and obligations of the landlord and tenant.